For Jack Higgins and Tom Clancy fans, I think it’s safe to say that Jack from 24 should be in the list of ultimate daredevils among all fictional characters.

I’m keeping this blog as part of my obsession to 24 and maybe a little bit of infatuation to Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer and it’s meant to keep 24 fans like me updated on the series. Being the longest-running U.S. espionage-themed television drama ever, I’m sure there’s more news to come about 24.

I’ll be posting gossip about the show and actors/actresses. You can also expect me to dissect episodes and provide commentaries on how I think it should have happened. There’ll also be a lot of espionage, war, weapons and all sorts of military talks in this blog!

So, expect to be blown-away! (Pun intended)

Disclaimer: Just to clarify, this is a fan-made blog and I have no connection to the actual 24 production team.